Monday, 27 June 2011

A Garden Through My Window

It's so lovely watching the birds feed at my window. The Blue Tits are less shy this year, allowing me (or my daughter) to get within a foot of them. We managed to get some great shots of them feeding. 

The only annoying thing is when the pigeons (my least favourite bird) try to perch on the feeder. 
They've never succeeded, nor will they, but they still try.
Attaching the seed balls to the feeder has meant that the birds tend to hang around for much longer. Occasionally we'd see three or four tits feeding at the same time. Unfortunately I didn't have the camera handy at the time. 
Plus on two occasions, last week, a young blue tit had accidently flown inside. 
It didn't hurt itself, but the poor thing must have been really scared.
 The Great Tit usually grabs it's food and fly off, but since I started using the seed balls they will hang around a little bit longer for a photo.
The Greenfinch is quite a nervous bird, making it very difficult to get a good picture. The slightest movement and it's off at top speed, leaving me with blurry pictures. This is a juvenile finch and so cute. 
Hopefully I'll be able to get more photo's of this gorgeous bird.
Fabric Swap
I am taking part in a fabric swap (I've never done this before) with was organized by Kandipandi. My swap partner is the lovely miss pixie, another blogger who is also new to swaps. I am little nervous about it, but at the same time I'm very excited. It will be lovely receiving something through the post, other than bills. 

Hope you all have a lovely week x

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Fancy Gü Glass

I love  Gü Puddings and have been saving all the glass jars for little projects.

Black lace glued around the jar, adding beads secured with wire.
Black lace and beads glued around the jar.

These were given to two of my lovely friends for their recent birthdays.
I have some lovely ideas for decorating the other jars...

Monday, 6 June 2011

Grandma's Garden

This is my Mother's garden, but we all refer to it as Grandma's Garden. I even call her Grandma most of the time. It is the most amazing place to be. My mum has the Midas touch, but in her case everything she touch just grows. She has the greenest fingers ever! She also has an allotment where she grows her vegetables.

The tall tree in the background is a Cherry Plum tree. Mum planted it around eight years ago when it was only a few centimeters tall. She had thought it was a Silver Birch, but as it was growing realized it wasn't and had no idea what it was, until it produced the tastiest, sweetest plums. She made the most delicious jam last year and looks like she'll be making more this year. I hope so.

Mum had an abundance of gorgeous scented roses this year. Of course I had to take some home with me.

At the back of the garden is a secret area where you can sit and not be noticed. 
When all the family visit it becomes the adults corner, where we can escape from the children and teenagers. 
Mum made all the ceramic pieces in her garden, which adds an extra personal touch. 
Her work can be found hanging from trees or peeping out between plants.
Last Wednesday I popped over for a little lunch and as it was such a beautiful day, we had a little barbie.
Mum is vegetarian, but makes the tastiest chicken ever! 
Of course she served it with salad from her garden.

Mum was in the local papers a few years ago, after successfully growing bananas in her conservatory.
        They were small but packed full of flavour, the tastiest bananas ever, ever, ever!!!             

Only a handful of other amateur gardeners in the UK have been successful in growing banana trees that actually bear fruit. Until a few years ago it was though impossible to grow fruit bearing plants in a domestic conservatory - 11 October 2009 Voice online

You can read the full article here.
Hope you have a fantastic week x