Sunday, 25 September 2011

Handmade Lavender Hearts and Pin Cushion

Over the past few weeks I've enjoyed making little lavender heart cushions. I love working with felt, it's so versatile and easy to use, and I'm really loving the bright, bold colours. I really need to get more felt in my life!

The green and yellow cushion was a wedding gift to a friend. 
This was created by joining two cushions together. 'Two hearts become one!'
The floral fabric and gold threads, which I received in my Autumn Swap, adds an extra touch.
I really enjoyed making this cushion.

Shocking Pink Heart with Flower for a lovely friend 
who had given me a bouquet of lavender from her garden!

                                            Sparkly Beaded Spirals with lush velvet underneath!
This was given away as part of the 'Autumn Swap'

Bright Pink Heart with Initial for another lovely friend

Orange Spiral Pin Cushion.
Also given away as part of the swap.

Shopping list: 
Lots of Colourful Felt
Sparkly Embroidery Thread
Beaded Dressmaking Pins

          ♥                    ♥

My daughter, Jazmine, has made the shortlist for the cosmopolitan blog awards 2011
"A charity shop girl who likes the occasional Starbucks
and adores wandering around the Victoria and Albert Museum."
I am so proud of everything Jazmine has achieved!

I've watched her blog and confidence grow over the past eighteen months,  

from the shy girl taking outfit shots in her bedroom 

into the confident, beautiful young lady she has become posing for Vogue Italia.
If you would like to vote for Jazzabelle's Diary!  She can be found under 'Established Fashion blog'. 
Thanks loads xx
Hope you all have a fabulous week!

Barrina xx

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Autumn Swap

I took part in the Autumn swap which was arranged by blueberry-heart and was partnered with Sandie.
It was lovely getting to know Sandie through lots of emails. My parcel arrived on Friday, but as I wasn't at home I had to wait until Saturday to collect it from the post office. It really was worth the wait!     
                 Lots of little packages to open...                     
 Pretty handmade heart made from little buttons...
                                                    and a beautiful handmade necklace...
                                                       Lots of pretty buttons and beads...
                      Gorgeous Ribbons and Lace and Embroidery thread in the most amazing colours....
   The colours of the cotton threads are more gorgeous in real life and the peach embroidery thread is tutti frutti scented, there is also a chocolate scented one too.
I couldn't get a decent full shot of this fabric but it is an Amazing piece!!!
I was also sent lots of gorgeous fabric which will be put to good use. I never knew what a 'Fat quarter' was, so I've also learnt something new. I have been completely spoilt!!!

You may have noticed that all my gifts are placed on a lace cloth. In fact it is a beautiful lace tablecloth which Sandie also sent to me after noticing that I was on the lookout for one. Thank you so much!!!

 Have a fabulous week!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Pretty Little Drawstring Bag

I'd bought this top from my local charity shop for 50p, but unfortunately it was a touch too tight for me. My daughter had suggested making a cushion cover with it, but none of our cushions were small enough.

I decided to turn it into a drawstring bag (10 x 14ins) after successfully making a really cute smaller one (4 x 4in). The joys of having a working sewing machine. Well, when I say 'working', what I really mean is that as long as you don't sew too fast the thread won't break.

I still need to fiddle around with it a little more and hopefully I can get it completely sorted. As much as I love to sew by hand having a 'semi' working sewing machine has made a huge difference and allows me to be a little more creative.

I'm very pleased with my little bag and looking forward to making loads more. Perfect little gift! 

I've had a fantastic six week break from work and now I must switch my brain back into work mode. 
It's going to be hard having to crawl out of my lovely bed really early, but it has to be done.
Have a fabulous September